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How to treat cracked heels?

So, if you haven't already; we would recommend seeing a podiatrist so that they can assess your feet and tell you what the best action would be to take. Cracked heels can be caused by the skin not retaining moisture due to patients wearing certain footwear. Also, cracked heels can be affected by someone having, for example, hypothyroidism or diabetes.

However, I can give you some general foot care advice on how to keep your heels nice and smooth all year long.

Firstly, we want to be using a foot file I recommend you do this when your feet are dry; before a bath or a shower.

Secondly, make sure that when you get out of the bath or shower you try to give your feet a good dry. Including in between the toes, so that we are minimising the risk of athletes foot as fungus loves damp and wet areas!

Lastly, the use of a urea-based heel balm or foot cream; I like the Simply Feet range, which can be purchased from a podiatrist like myself. Because, after trying various creams over the years and retailing them, this I have found to be less greasy and easily absorbed. The urea in the cream helps to protect and restore the skin on the feet and keep them healthy.

I hope this has helped! To discuss anything I have mentioned, don't hesitate to ring the clinic on 01226755611, email us at or click below to book an appointment to discuss any issues you may be finding with your feet

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