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Ingrown toenail surgery

What does nail surgery involve?

To simplify what we do during surgery... 


We use a pre op wipe to cleanse the toe, then give a local anaesthetic at the base of the toe, making the whole of the toe numb.

Then apply a tourniquet & we remove part or the whole of the nail that is causing the problem. We then apply a chemical to the nail bed area to destroy the nail producing cells. Remove the tourniquet, apply a dressing to the wound, advise you how to care for the wound at home and arrange your redressing appointments. 

And that is it... put simply.... :) 

Things to note:

- On your initial consultation we take a full medical history in order to be sure that nail surgery is the most suitable solution to your ingrowing toenail.

- Please note it is not necessary to fast before this procedure.

Partial or full nail surgery of one nail + 3 weeks worth of dressings + 3 re-dressing appointments.

Cost - £300

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