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Lacuna Fungal nail treatment

Lacuna method is a fungal nail treatment. This treatment involves drilling tiny holes in the nails so that antifungal tretament can be delivered straight to the site of infection.


There are a few treatments which can be purchased in the clinic to use inbetween your appointments. One of the recommended treatments is terbinafine spray. You need to treat the area 1-2 times per day. 

We will see you back every 6 weeks to cut your nails & assess if more holes need to be drilled. Your nails can take over a year to fully grow out. 


The site of infection isn't the nail. It is actually the nails bed & this is why over the counter treatments that you paint on to your nails do not work. 

Other treatments include:

Removing the nail, without chemical avulsion. So that the nail grows back & you can treat the nail bed before/while it grows back.

Chemical nail reduction, we can use urea to reduce the nail. Then, you can treat the nail bed underneath. 

We can mechanically reduce the nail thickness at affected areas and you can treat these areas. This can sometimes leave the nail looking untidy & bumpy. 


Lacuna Package of 6 appointments or individual treatments 


  • Package £300

  • Individual £50

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